April 2015 Working Holiday, paintings by: Monica Bauer

March 2015 Inspiring Photos from Ferguson, photos by: Marty Essen

February 2015 The Blind Men & the Elephant, drawings by Stephen Glueckert (sponsored in part by: Montana Museum & Art Gallery Directors Association)

January 2015 Western Patterns, a collaborative exhibit featuring Nolan Salix and Sarah Rowley

November -December 2014 First Peoples Juried Art Exhibit, featuring 7 artists representing various tribes of the Northwest

October 2014- Wild Things/Old Things, drawings and paintings by Jim Goebel

September 2014- Connecting Through Art: featuring the work of John Carle + works by 3 local art therapists and their clients

August 2014- Uaithne: Tangled Up in Green, a collaborative exhibit by Toni Seccomb and Dolores Cooney

July 2014- Holding series, photographs by Meagan Thompson

June 2014- Out at the Library: Celebrating the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center,  & LGBTQ Juried Art exhibit, featuring statewide talent

April-May 2014- Paintings by: Tessa Heck and the Adult Art Students of Martha Cooney

March 2014- “Women Artists of Butte,” a collaborative exhibit including 12 local artists

February 2014- Source, paintings by Josie Trudgeon

January 2014- Modern Myth paintings by Shawn Crowe

November/December 2013- Losing A Legacy: a photographic story of Montanas disappearing glaciers, created by the US Geological Survey

October 2013- Selected Photographs by Arron Booth 

September 2013- Original and reproductions of John Carles work, including his “Bar Series” paintings